Wicklow’s income for supplying all Dublin’s water should be re-instated

Wicklow supplies 90% of Dublin’s water from the Roundwood and Blessington reservoirs. For 153 years either Bray and Greystones got free water under the 1861 Dublin Corporation Waterworks Act or a payment was received as compensation for this. However this stopped in 2014 due to changes in council finances and the creation of Irish Water.

‘I have prepared a paper which has drawn together these facts which we need to lobby the Government. Initially the previous grant should be reinstated and a long term fee per cu. Meter of water. This has been proposed for the water to be drawn from the Shannon and if applied to Wicklow would generate €1.7m per year’

The Council has major costs keeping the sparsely populated mountains which collect the water which is essential for Dublin’s industry and it should be compensated as was agreed in 1861 onward.

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