Mitchell concerned about Greystones Bus Connect changes

Bus Connects have published changes to the bus routes agreed 5 years ago with the intention of implementing them this Summer.

A key part of the changes was to provide a circular route replacing the 84 & 184, connecting Greystones, Kilcoole, Newcastle & Newtown. However the circular route has been eliminated and there is no connection between from Newtown to Kilccole or Newcastle. These large villages need to have a bus service between them. It is said this is being cut out because the road is not wide enough for double deckers, However there has been 5 years to widen it and nothing has been done, unlike in Dublin where road works are being done for buses.

Also there is no mention of the 84X which is heavily used and is needed at rush hour and also at least the 2 other times it goes during the day. Also the L3 circular Greystones bus no longer does a circle. A central principle with Connects is that all services are more frequent than 20 minutes to enable easy transfers. The 2019 Jacobs Report on improving Greystones DART frequency to 20 minutes is not mentioned and seems to have vanished.

I was the Council consultative representative on Bus Connects but nobody consulted me or other Councillors about these changes.

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