Harbour Project

In 2007 the harbour was derelict, whereas now it is the best leisure harbour in Wicklow and the 4th best nationally, after Dun Laoghaire, Cork and Howth. Increasing numbers of local rowers, sailors, anglers and Sea Scouts young and old are enjoying the facilities. I have led this process for 12 years as I believe that as a sea town we should have a major and appropriate presence on the sea.

600 yachts, with 2000 on board, have been able to visit the town in 2013 now that it finally has a proper harbour. They have come from Ireland, Wales, England, France & Belgium. Most stay the night and spend heavily, increasing the trade in pubs and restaurants. They have been very pleased with the marina, the closeness and quality of pubs, restaurants and coffee shops. Many more are expected next year now that word is spreading in the sailing community.

In July, I sent a list to the developer of 5 improvements which should be done to the site and for Summer 2014, the developers have now agreed to most of these. These will improve the appearance of the area by opening the North Pier and opening and grassing more of the Public Square. The Council is asking them to further improve the grass area behind the fencing and some other items. I am keen to see completion of the project soon. I have a deep knowledge of the sea and am keen to continue working on it. I would be happy to give a detailed talk about this exciting harbour project to any group that would be interested.

Harbour Presentation

Harbour Area to open in September

Cllr. Derek Mitchell welcomed the announcement that the South side, including the South Wall and boatyards for the Sea Scouts, Rowers, Sailors, Divers and Anglers, will be open before the end of September.
At Tuesday’s meeting of the Liason Group Sispar explained that they will be erecting Public Lighting next week and following this and a safety audit these facilities will open.

This will be a boost for all boat users and create an interesting walking area. I am disappointed that the Primary Health Care Centre will be delayed due to funding difficulties
caused by the financial crisis. Apparently this problem is affecting the construction of these all over the country. Hopefully this can start before Christmas.
It is also planned to open the marina next Summer and a meeting will shortly be held with prospective users.

Habour Update

Following on from various meetings including community liaison meetings held last week, I attach for your information two layout drawings showing proposed public access arrangements pending completion of the Primary Care Centre (Option 1A) and following completion of the PCC (Option 1B).

As you will recall it is proposed to commence construction of the PCC in September of this year and these works will take approximately one year to complete.

Work on the erection of the permanent railing at the southern (Cliff Road) end of harbour will commence next week.

The Old Kish Lighthouse base, brought to Greystones in the late 1960’s to support the crumbling harbour walls, is now being demolished.

Looking at the photo it is surprising how small the old harbour was compared to the new. Divers are also working to build the Roundheads which will form the entrance.

The old harbour started to collapse in 1895, the new walls have been a long time coming!!

The Harbour in Greystones has long been one of my passions and something that I am very proud of. Below you can find several pieces of information on its development.

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