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Greystones Public Realm Plan Wins Big Award

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‘I’m delighted that Greystones Public Realm Plan won the Highly Commended Award at today’s Irish Landscape Institute awards ceremony.  We were beaten by  Ait Urbanism ‘North East Inner City Greening Strategy ‘(Dublin) .   The Galway Public Realm Plan came in third. I’d like to thank the Greystones 2020 Group for all the work and public consultation which went into it, working with Paul Hogarth & Co. This will serve as a plan which the Council will strive to implement in future years as funds become available’ said Cllr. Derek Mitchell…

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Council asks for Changes to the Film Studio Site in Greystones.

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The Media Campus has applied for permission to build a large, 73,000 sq.m, film studio on land is Greystones. The planners have asked for ‘further information’ effectively a request to redesign some non fundamental aspects: Delgany Greenway. They have to redesign to allow this along the Three Trout Stream as the original plans did not. I asked for this condition and am pleased it has been put in. More detailed aspects of 2 of the large buildings impact on nearby homes and possible amendments. Additional planting to enhance and protect…

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Mitchell Welcomes Roaming Charge Abolition

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The European Parliament has voted to abolish roaming charges within the EU by 2015. ‘I welcome this as these have been very expensive and the uncertain amount inhibits using your phone when abroad’. By July 2014 mobile phone users will pay maximum charges of 19 cent per minute to make a voice call, 5 cent per minute to receive a call and no more than 6 cent per text message sent. The maximum data download charge will be 20 cent per megabyte. ‘I expect that competition between suppliers will reduce this…

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Cllr Mitchell warmly welcomes the opening of Greystones Harbour

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The interim harbour was opened to the public on the 5th November. This consists of two public slipways, also beach launching facilities, boat compounds for the Sea Scouts, Rowers, Divers, Sailors and Anglers. The South Harbour Wall and the beach are now available for walking, opening it up for all to use. Cllr. Mitchell said ‘The boat launching facilities are the best in the country and will provide adults and the youth with great sporting opportunities’. The photo shows Cllr Mitchell standing at the top of the new slipway. Nama…

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Confident Greystones Harbour will be completed

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Simon Harris and Councillor Tom Fortune have been on the radio suggesting it wont be completed for 15 years, wanting firm information and whinging. Both of them campaigned to reject this visionary harbour project and they should check the facts before making these statements spreading alarm.   The harbour works are running about 4 months late because the waves have made it more difficult to lay the blocks than was anticipated. This work is now going to be done on two shifts over the Summer to try to complete most…

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Coastal Walk from Greystones to Wicklow Town

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(photo at bridge) This is a great walk but must be improved before it can be used by more people. My second priority as Cathaoirleach is to get a plan together. The rail track must be fenced off from the walking path and a path welded onto the side of 2 rail bridges for safety reasons. I have had a positive meeting with Irish Rail and The National Parks and Wildlife Service and hope to initiate a study. It will take some years to put it into place. This would…

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