Concern at clearance of Charlesland Land

This scale of site clearance is normally only done when construction starts with planning permission which follows a detailed landscape plan. This clearance also goes down to the Three Trout Stream through the riparian area in at least 1 place.

The Council Chief Executive states it is for 75 houses, as was outlined 5 years ago. Some people state it is for 270 houses. This is a major increase when the May 2022 Census showed the that the town was then already over its 2028 population target. Many more houses have been built since.

I also want to see the site fenced for safety. The houses should be designed so that they have limited impact on adjacent homes and also should have 60% affordable homes

This work has been done without notice to the Councillors in a sensitive area where the 41 Social Houses were very controversial and only passed by a 3 to 2  vote.

This is no way to start a complex infill site.

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