Windfarm too Intrusive. Greystones Town Council Objects

Cllr. Derek Mitchell (FG), Kiltoorish, Manor Avenue, Greystones, Co. Wicklow.

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Press Release

Greystones Town Council objects to Offshore Wind Farm Proposal


At its meeting on the 28th May Greystones Town Council objected to this development on the Kish and Bray banks’. Cllr Derek Mitchell said ‘This will be very visually intrusive because it is so close to the shore and is very long.  We did not object to the one on the Codling Bank, granted a foreshore licence in 2005, as this was to be further out, more concentrated and thus less intrusive. Also the Codling one was going to provide jobs in Wicklow but the present application provides no jobs in Wicklow. The scheme with the least impact, the Codling one, should be developed and the intrusive Bray/Kish Bank one rejected’.


Further details on Objection

145 windmills 160m high are planned and the power connection is to go by undersea cable to Shangannagh. They are to be 9km from shore at the nearest point.

The Visual Impact documents for the project state that it will have a significant effect at Greystones Harbour, described as ‘adverse moderate’ as it will have an angle of view of 62 degrees. The effect on the Cliff Walk is ‘adverse major’. This major visual effect is because the windfarm is long and narrow.

In 2005 the Codling Bank scheme obtained a foreshore licence for 220 turbines but these are 15km from the nearest point, Greystones and Kilcoole. That plan had them laid out in a shorter but deeper way which has a 25 degree angle of view from Greystones. Because they are 6km further away and in a narrower visual arc they are much less intrusive.

The Visual Impact documents for the Kish/Bray Project state that the combined effect of both schemes at Greystones will be ‘significant’.

The Kish/Bray documents state that there will be local benefits, however all this goes to Dublin Port where a large operation, with many jobs, will be set up. However the largest disadvantages occur in Wicklow, which gets no benefits. In contrast to this the Codling scheme documents state they will set up a maintenance operation in one of Greystones or Wicklow or Arklow, employing 20 to 30 people.

Greystones Town Council supported the Codling scheme and believes that the scheme with the least impact should be developed and that the much more visually intrusive Kish/Bray scheme should be refused. We would be particularly concerned about the very severe visual effect if both are developed.


Greystones has recently opened a new harbour and are concerned that this could impact navigation.




Councillor Derek Mitchell, member of Wicklow County Council.

“Turning Vision into Relaity”



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Co. Wicklow

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