TV Suppliers are stopping customers recording BBC & RTE

TV platforms in Ireland, such as Vodaphone, Virgin Media & possibly Sky are sending out new TV play boxes to their customers which don’t allow them to record programmes from RTE & BBC. This radically changes how customers can watch TV but many are not being told this and when the new boxes are installed some platforms refuse to go back to the old boxes which did record and which are present in people’s houses.

For RTE there is a player which shows the last 7 day of many, but not all, popular programmes but this does not exist for BBC. The BBC explained that the new boxes record in the ‘cloud’ which is a problem for programme rights whereas the old boxes recorded in the home which is less complex from a rights perspective

‘I have asked my supplier, Vodaphone, to go back to the old box but so far no agreement. Customers are paying over a €1,000 a year and they are being treated disgracefully. I have asked An Taoiseach’s, Simon Harris TD, office to follow up on this and get the previous recording system back’ said Cllr Derek Mitchell.

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