Traffic Jams on the M50/ N11

Going South there are regular traffic jams in the evening back to Cherrywood and increasingly in the mornings going North back to Willow Grove. Of the 6 big radial roads out of Dublin, this is the only one which has not been modernised. It needs to be modernised as it is vital for the prosperity of East Wicklow. In the long run it needs a third lane.

Some short term measures will ease congestion:

Southbound, improving the off/on ramps at Fassaroe, reducing the number of exits (4 in a mile) and rearranging the Kilcroney roundabout to lights or preferably a small flyover. This junction is very unusual as traffic exiting a main road normally leaves before the junction. Here you go under the flyover and turn back. This creates extra traffic ‘conflicts’ at the roundabout and thus leads to queuing on the N11 to exit.
Northbound. Widening and improving the Kilcroney junction. Separating a lane for traffic from Kilcroney to Enniskerry Junction and from there to Fassaroe.

Merging/Demerging slows down traffic leading to it bunching up. Most of the above items are designed to speed up merging so through traffic slows down less. Improvements are also needed in Kilmacanoge.

The Minister for Transport has agreed to meet me and I intend to push these points which have stalled because of a row between the National Roads Authority and the Council.

There is a plan to build a large town of 25,000 people at Cherrywood which would further block the N11/M50. I have asked Bord Pleanala to put in a condition that the N11 must be improved first. I made a presentation at the Oral Hearing 6 months ago but a decision has been postponed indefinitely.

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