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Council Crews grit roads for over 17 nights

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Councillor Derek Mitchell thanks the Wicklow Council crews who have gritted the roads for the last 17 nights, including Christmas Day and St. Stephen’s Day. This work is usually unseen by most people as it often involves gritting the roads from 8 pm to 2.30 am. This is the longest cold spell in recent years and the Council is running out of salt. The last of it is being saved for the first day most people are back at work the 4th. It is hoped that more can be secured…

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More DARTs Coming

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I campaigned for 22 years, together with Cllr. George Jones, to get the DART to Greystones and have continued to press for more trains. I tried to meet the Chairman of CIE about a long-term plan, unfortunately he did not agree to meet but he said that he will consider providing extra DARTs. Irish Rail have just informed us that they are hoping to provide a regular service to Greystones every half hour, at a fixed time after the hour, from October. This includes filling the current gap from 8.30…

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Redford Flooding Remedial Work

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Last August, following very heavy rain, Greystones had more flooding than anywhere else in Wicklow. There was considerable flooding at some houses in Redford Park. In most cases this was due to large amounts of water coming down Lr. Templecarrick Road as the drains were small or blocked. At Redford a wall fell down under pressure of water build up and this sudden flood caused problems. Since then the Council has worked to try to ensure that the water gets into and stays in the stream. Culverts have been cleared,…

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