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Parking for LUAS should have been provided at Loughlinstown.

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Press Release Crazy that LUAS extension has no Parking. Should be provided at Loughlinstown It is crazy that the just opened LUAS extension to Cherrywood has no place to park. Motorists must go to the overcrowded Park n’ Ride at Sandyford!! I took the LUAS on Sunday and was amazed at the lack of parking, which is very bad planning. The Luas should have gone a couple of 100 metres more South across the old rail bridge at Loughlinstown where a Park and Ride should have been provided on state…

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Cllr Mitchell objects to Increased usage of Newcastle Airport.

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Press Release Newcastle Aerodrome should not be expanded without limits to noise I have objected to Planning Permission to turn Agricultural Sheds into aircraft hangers as this will allow a major increase in noise and disturbance to residents. The Aerodrome has permission for use as a private one arising from use before it needed planning permission.

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M50/N11 Traffic Jams

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There are large traffic jams on this in both directions at rush hour because the road is carrying 1.75 times the amount it was designed for. I am concerned that it will seize up. Nobody was paying any attention to this. During my year as Cathaoirleach I have raised this many times and think that it is now a project which will get studied when funding improves. There is a draft plan to build a new large town (7,000 people, 16,000 jobs)!! at Fassaroe. I opposed this plan unless the…

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More DARTs Coming

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I campaigned for 22 years, together with Cllr. George Jones, to get the DART to Greystones and have continued to press for more trains. I tried to meet the Chairman of CIE about a long-term plan, unfortunately he did not agree to meet but he said that he will consider providing extra DARTs. Irish Rail have just informed us that they are hoping to provide a regular service to Greystones every half hour, at a fixed time after the hour, from October. This includes filling the current gap from 8.30…

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Cycling in Greystones

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We need to encourage more people to cycle and walk. Encouraging children to cycle to school is good for their health and independence. The cycle path from the N11, through Charlesland, to the station is good. I want to develop a series of Green routes for walking and cycling and hope to have the funds to study how to do this in 2009. Following the design stage these will be implemented over time. The cycle rack at the station in always full and I have asked for more to be…

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Coastal Walk from Greystones to Wicklow Town

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(photo at bridge) This is a great walk but must be improved before it can be used by more people. My second priority as Cathaoirleach is to get a plan together. The rail track must be fenced off from the walking path and a path welded onto the side of 2 rail bridges for safety reasons. I have had a positive meeting with Irish Rail and The National Parks and Wildlife Service and hope to initiate a study. It will take some years to put it into place. This would…

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Delgany Road Improvements & Traffic Calming

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The first phase of this was completed with the work on the road past Delgany Golf Club. The next phase, around Delgany National School, has also been completed. The next phase is from the school to Killincarrick including increasing the size and straightening the culvert which flooded some houses last August. The aim is to provide better pedestrian facilities, improve the poor road surface and prevent flooding. This requires purchasing some land and negotiations are ongoing. The section in front of the Delgany Inn will be done as part of…

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Charlesland and Eden gate Bus shelter requested

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Dublin Bus attended the January meeting of Greystones Town Council and I raised the need to provide a bus shelters at Charlesland and Eden Gate directly with them. They said that they had a budget this year and would install shelters in a number of different locations which we asked about. This included Charlesland and Eden Gate. Hopefully this will now happen this year.

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