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IDA to start work on Greystones Site but no provision for Charlesland School

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The IDA presented its plan for its 80 acre site to Greystones Town Council on Wednesday. They intend to develop the section next to Charlesland by putting in a road next January and seeking tenants. The next section they intend to sell off to a developer of Industrial sites and at Mill Road they want to rezone for Town Centre which would allow a Shopping Centre. The IDA has owned this site for 25 years and has done nothing with it except grow grass. There has been no political will…

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Row over Conference Attendance in Greystones Town Budget

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Greystones Town Council was the scene of major rows about the Budget for 2010. The Budget was agreed following a tight vote. Councillors reduced expenditure and this allows a slight reduction in Business Rates in 2010 in order to try to assist the business community in a difficult year. Councillor Derek Mitchell (FG) proposed that the cost of attending conferences should be cut by €1,800 and the money allocated to Civic Issues including Tidying up St. Crispin’s Cell which is a mess, producing a website of town events and tourist…

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Minister delays Building Development and jobs

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A recent meeting of Wicklow County Council was told that the sewerage plant at Greystones was at capacity and new development could not be allowed until it was extended. In February 2008 the Council applied to the Minister for Environment, John Gormley (Green Party) for €2m under a standard grant programme (The Serviced Land Initiative). A developer has agreed to pay the Council’s share of €3m as his development is held up because of this.

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Extra DARTs to Greystones delayed by Malahide problems.

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In the Spring Irish Rail told the Town Council that they would provide more DARTs and have them at a regular time after each hour, called a ‘clock face timetable’ in October. I enquired when these would happen and was told that the disruption caused by the bridge collapse at Malahide had delayed this. Irish Rail still intends to introduce this when the bridge is fixed, hopefully before the end of November. The gap between 08.30 and 9.30 am is also to be filled. This will be a big improvement…

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Row over Council fencing Rugby Club Land

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Greystones Rugby Club is annoyed that the Council has fenced off a piece of land used by the Club. I raised this at the Town Council and The Town Manager, Sean Quirke, stated that the Council owned the land as it was not part of the land leased to the club 5 or more years ago. ‘However the club juniors sometimes use it and the Club has fenced and maintained the land for many years and it has looked well’. This has also kept campers off it. This is in…

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