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Greystones Harbour Latest Update

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The December photo shows how far work has progressed with about 15 machines working on it. The marine works, including 2 public slipways, should be complete in June this year. The harbour will not open to the public this year as considerable work must be done on the land side. The walls are solid blocks protected by rocks and then antifers placed on top. These concrete castings appear white in the photo and their function is to break up the waves before they hit the wall. During the heavy storms…

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Mitchell confident harbour will be completed

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Some candidates in the elections have been spreading alarm about the Visionary Project. I am confident it will be completed because: 6 Years ago I arranged that the Council would employ a top lawyer on this complex project and the selection criteria included considering the financial strength of the bidders. The Council is in a strong position because of this preparation. We expect to open the harbour, marine clubs, public slipways and public square in the Autumn 2010 and the Southern half of the hoardings will come down then. Work…

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Confident Greystones Harbour will be completed

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Simon Harris and Councillor Tom Fortune have been on the radio suggesting it wont be completed for 15 years, wanting firm information and whinging. Both of them campaigned to reject this visionary harbour project and they should check the facts before making these statements spreading alarm.   The harbour works are running about 4 months late because the waves have made it more difficult to lay the blocks than was anticipated. This work is now going to be done on two shifts over the Summer to try to complete most…

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