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Delgany By-Pass

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This short stretch of road will join Delgany Wood to Convent Road and will cut down traffic in Delgany village. It has been planned for 25 years and forms a vital link in the road layout. The Council is short of money and in September it was doubtful that it would go ahead. I felt that if it was needed 25 years ago it was needed even more now as the population has at least doubled since then. I pushed hard to get it started and am glad work has…

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Delgany Heritage Plan Support

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The Delgany Community Council held a meeting in the Wicklow Arms on Tuesday night to press for Heritage village status. Over 50 people attended and discussed the features which should be protected and how to go about it. I think that Delgany is attractive and that the atmosphere and character of the buildings and streets should be preserved. I am happy to assist the Delgany Community Council try to get Heritage Village Status. 11 items are listed for preservation and the village already is an Architectural Conservation Area. and we…

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I support the aim of making Delgany a Heritage Village. The Delgany By Pass has been on the plans for 25 years. I pushed to get it started and it should be complete in 2009. The completion of the R762 footpath and traffic calming works is being done in stages and the third stage will be completed in 2009.

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Delgany Road Improvements & Traffic Calming

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The first phase of this was completed with the work on the road past Delgany Golf Club. The next phase, around Delgany National School, has also been completed. The next phase is from the school to Killincarrick including increasing the size and straightening the culvert which flooded some houses last August. The aim is to provide better pedestrian facilities, improve the poor road surface and prevent flooding. This requires purchasing some land and negotiations are ongoing. The section in front of the Delgany Inn will be done as part of…

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