Patience needed to get Harbour Completed.

In spite of the protests of GUBOH the best way is to work on each of the issues to get completion. Their protests disguise the fact that we already have the best Community Harbour open in Ireland. Their demand to set an end of February is not sensible and will delay completion. I have spent 12 years pushing the project forward and at all times progress has been achieved by basing proposals on Engineering and Financial facts, not on dreams.

In contrast the GUBOH people demanded that we built a harbour which would have been too rough to moor boats. We would all have looked very stupid if they had got their way!

Progress is expected as follows:

· Our much needed Primary Health Care Centre depends on funding and NAMA hope to release further information in March.

· The Minister for State, Brian Hayes T.D. visited the site and has undertaken to clear bureaucratic issues on the Coastguard Station and building is expected next year.

· Subject to there being adequate demand we hope the marina will open this Spring.

Given the mess in the country that is plenty to be achieving.

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