Over 5,000 People enjoy Fireworks at New Greystones Harbour

Friday’s Culture Night saw the reopening of Greystones Harbour. Orchestras and Irish Music were playing from a stage. The highlight was a spectacular fireworks display from the ends of both new harbour walls and from a rope over the entrance. Over 5,000 people were there most sitting on the steps in a semi circle around the water which formed a great arena. Congratulations to Cllr. Grainne McLoughlin who organised the night.

‘Most people were surprised at the large size of the public space as they had thought of it as just a marina. Only half the space was open and it shows just how good a public space it is. It will become the focal point of the town even before it is fully open’

Public lighting is being installed now and following a safety audit it will be open to the public in about 10 days. The Sea Scouts, Rowers, Sailors, Anglers and Divers can use their boat storage compounds then. Demand for the marina is being assessed now and we hope it is opened next Summer.

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