NTA public consultation about Bus Connects changes 7th/13th September

The NTA will hold public consultation about the Bus Connects changes in Tesco Greystones on 13th September from 2 to 8 pm. Also Tesco Bray on 7th September.

Please make your comments to them.

Response from NTA to my submission of points from meetings held:

Thank you for your email of yesterday setting out the feedback from the various information and consultation meetings that you have held with your colleagues.

The suggestions and comments are exactly the kind of feedback we seek, with clear suggestions for consideration.  We will go through them as part of the next design iteration which we will undertake following the consultation period.

In the meantime, I confirm that I have logged your email as a formal submission.

On the existing Route 184, you use the word “privatised”.  Privatisation of the bus system hasn’t happened at all.  “Privatised” means that the decisions on routes, fares, timetables, bus types, and information are within the control of the company running the service.  That’s not the case with the 184 – it will be operated under a service contract awarded to Go-Ahead Ireland by the NTA.  In that contract, we (NTA) sets out the route, timetable, fares, cleanliness, etc and the company simply operates the buses to deliver that service.  The fare revenue is handed over to the NTA and the company is paid the contracted fee for driving the buses.  Under that service contract we have the ability to vary the routes and associated items, and so will be able to make the amendments needed for the new network.


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