New Transport Plan lists improved transport for Wicklow

The Greater Dublin Area Transport Strategy has been published after much consultation by the National Transport Authority. The main Wicklow items with target dates are:

Enhancing the level of DART service to Greystones as part of DART+ South. This is to be done by partially double tracking the line as recommended in my plan of 2018 and validated by a subsequent Jacobs Study. Consultation was to have been done in 2022 but has been delayed to 2023. Implementation is before 2030.

Providing electrified train services to Wicklow Town, Nass/Sallins & Kilcock listed for 2037 to 2042.

Luas to Bray which is listed as from 2031 to 2036. A new line from town to UCD & Sandyford to reduce congestion on the Green Line is listed for Phase 2 for implementation after 2042.

Park n’ Ride sites at Fassaroe, Kilpeddar & Ashford based on bus services on the N11 are to be started before 2030. Also better bus services on the N11 & N81.

I welcome these improvements but don’t want to see any further slippage in the timetable for Greystones DART+ and Luas to Bray.

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