New DART timetable produces worse service to Greystones.

Following many complaints from Residents I checked the performance of Greystones rush hour DARTs yesterday the 12th September. The morning rush hour services and most evening ones were on time and DARTs were 8 cars long. However the early evening train was only 4 cars and was very delayed. Many Greystones people could not get on and were left behind or had  a very crushed journey. There are no extra Greystones trains and it is essential all rush hour ones are 8 cars.

I have written to the Chief Executive of Irish Rail asking him to ensure 8 cars and better timekeeping. The new timetable gives Co Dublin a better service at the expense of Co Wicklow getting a worse one. There being no extra trains South of Bray and 4 to 5 min longer journey time (ie 8% longer). This means some people will transfer from rail to the overcrowded N11 even though the rail line is virtually empty South of Greystones, the opposite of what is planned in other areas.

Also the 84 & 184 bus now arrive after the morning DARTs have left as their times have not altered to match the DART.

I prepared a plan to improve Wicklow rail services in February. The diesels need to be 8 cars (4 now) at rush hour as I outlined and track work is needed to have a 20 min DART frequency. The NTA is investigating the latter part now but there is no progress on the former.

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