NAMA gives some hope Greystones Harbour Medical Centre will be started

NAMA has replied to Greystones Town Council and stated that they are currently discussing funding for Phase 2 with the developer. While they give no indication of a decision they ‘are expecting that the matter will be brought to a conclusion within weeks’. The letter was in reply to a letter from the Town Council which was also pursued by Ann Ferris T.D.

I am pleased that this is being brought to a conclusion after some years of delay and hope for a favourable decision so that construction can start soon.

Phase 2 consists of:

· Primary Medical Care Centre (PCC) let to the HSE and a local doctor’s practice

· 11 apartments which will enable the market to be tested,

· A Public Square,

· 5 small clubhouses for Sea Scouts, Rowers, Divers, Sailors and Anglers’

· A few Shops.

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