N11/M11 Bus Priority Scheme plan displayed from Monday 28th November

An interim Bus Priority Scheme has been designed and will be on display from midday Monday on the website https://n11m11.ie . Also for 2 days in person at the Glenview Hotel from 12 to 8pm when it can be discussed with experts. Submissions by 22nd December. They hope to do detail design in Q1 2023 and apply for planning permission in Q1 2024.

The plan is to put bus lanes in both directions from Loughlinstown to Fassaroe and in the North direction from Kilmac to Glenview.

The section in between, around Bray, has too many complex movements to provide Bus Lanes without rebuilding the junctions & bridges as provided in the main scheme recently cancelled or postponed by Minister Eamon Ryan. This section will be considered in 2023 while progress is made on the simpler parts. Bus routes will be designed later.

I emphasised the need to do the whole section if we are to give good bus transit times and encourage people out of cars. The only express service is the 84X and this shows commuters will use buses if travel time is short. I also urged them to build the local overbridge at Willow Grove and ensure breakdowns are provided for safely.

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