Mitchell says Greystones DART needs an Upgrade and better management

Greystones DART passengers have 3 different rail timetables available to them: The Journey Planner which is now correct, an older one on the Internet and a different older one in front of the station. 5 weeks ago I told them that there were 4 different ones available and one has since been removed. Showing passengers a single correct timetable is a basic part of rail operations especially where the station is unmanned most of the time. I have also had complaints about unreliability. This is bad management.

There have been many works cancellations at the weekend. DART is an essential urban transport system. Alternatives such as hourly 84x  and extra buses to Dublin, Blackrock or Bray should be put on if repairs are needed. People still have to get to work, study and the many tourists facilitated.

The Bray/Greystones DART+ South longer term plan needs to be advanced before the more contentious level crossing closures in Sandymount and Bray. Traffic on the N11 is getting much worse and as the only single line track in the Metropolitan Area an upgrade is needed. It is now 6 years since I produced a plan for this and Arup’s reviewed it, yet nothing has happened. 

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