Mitchell pushes for Better Transport in Wicklow

The National Transport Authority is preparing a Strategy until 2030. The Draft Plan left out many things which are important to Wicklow and if they are not in this plan there will be no hope of getting them funded. These include:

· Improving the M50/N11 junction where the most serious traffic jams occur,

· Extending the Leinster Outer Orbital Route from Nass to the coast at Arklow. This was only planned to go from Drogheda to Nass and ignored Wicklow,

· Providing Express busses along the M50 to major employment centres such as Sandyford Industrial Estate so people don’t have to use cars.

I raised this on Tuesday at the Greater Dublin Authority, which includes all seven Authorities in the Region, and following considerable pressure on the officials it was agreed that the Regional body will ask for all the above to be included.

‘I believe that good transport is the basis of prosperity and that the Central Authorities often leave Wicklow out of plans. I am glad to have got the Regional body to push for Wicklow items to be included in the long term plan.’

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