Mitchell concerned yet another Wind Farm off Wicklow

The Sea Stack windfarm is now seeking a Foreshore Licence for surveys, the third separate proposal for offshore turbines to meet off Greystones. The Codling & Dublin Array ones are further advanced. I am concerned that these in combination will cause serious visual amenity loss especially off Greystones where they meet and the effect is greatest.

From Greystones they will take up 113 degrees Arc of View, almost the entire sea horizon. The turbines are huge, 300 meters tall. When you’re standing on top of Bray Head, the local landmark, you will be looking up at them as they are 60 meters taller!!

Proposed by ESB Wind Developments Ltd. They state it is located ‘East of Co. Dublin’ when in fact it is nearest Co Wicklow, 12 km, and has the greatest visual impact on Co. Wicklow.

We need to get offshore wind energy to save carbon but the visual effect of this forest of turbines needs to be scaled down. Combined visual planning is needed and a gap of at least 15 degrees Arc of View should be left between wind farms off Greystones the worst affected place. Also benefits must be provided to areas which will have to look at them.

I have been asking the Codling & Dublin Array to provide a Visitors Centre and Social & Sports facilities for 18 months but so far no success.

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