Mitchell concerned about lack of Windfarm information

Snippets of information appear in the news about windfarms off the Wicklow Coast. I asked the Council to find out the details of various plans and approvals, partly to see if the area could obtain a benefit from this. At the July meeting officials said the Council was not responsible for any offshore permitting and it was quite difficult to find out the status of these.

So far as I know in 2005 the Codling Bank scheme obtained a foreshore licence for 220 turbines 15km from the nearest point, Greystones and Kilcoole following consultation. That plan had them laid out in a short and deep way.

In 2013 DublinArray applied for a foreshore licence for a large wind farm on the Bray and Kish Banks. 145 windmills to be 9km from shore at the nearest point. I don’t know if a foreshore licence was granted.

Ireland needs to do better at saving carbon and these windfarms will help a lot. I supported the Codling Bank one because it has a limited effect on the view. However I opposed the Dublin Array one as it has a very negative effect on the view from the town and the Cliff Walk but can’t find out what is happening

Map of Codling Bay
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