Kilcoole, The Future Blueprint

The Kilcoole Plan was recently finalized and I intend to press to ensure that proper facilities are provided:

Children’s Playground
I worked hard to ensure that the Plan provided for a Children’s Playground and small Public Park on Sea Road/LottLane. We were very involved in getting the playgrounds in Greystones and Newcastle. Both of these have worked well. The landowner has generously agreed to donate an acre for this. This site has some archaeological issues which will take time to resolve. We are pushing the Council to work with the landowner to make this happen.

Trains and Buses
We have pressed for improved services and will campaign for more. There are now 4 trains a day. The 84X is a very good express bus service, taking only an hour into Central Dublin. There are now 10 of these in the morning peak time from Kilcoole, one every 8 minutes on average! which is a good frequency. Dublin Bus say that it is well used which shows that if good public transport is provided it will be used.

Footpath to Station
This is really necessary as people should be able to walk safely to the station and beach and it is dangerous now. Some progress has been made but the path needs to be joined up! I insisted that the plan contained an objective to put a path all the way to the station. There are some complications as it is next to the Kilcoole marshes SAC but we will be pressing for this path to be completed over time. A path to the GAA club is also an objective.

A direct connection to the N11 is badly needed to reduce traffic on the Main Street especially with the successful Industrial Estates. A new road is to be built from the Newtown Road to the Garden Village roundabout parallel to the N11. This is to be part of a new Commercial area but is likely to take 4+ years to get built.

The road from the Secondary school to Wellfield on Sea Road will open when the housing estates along it are completed which should be soon. It has good footpaths and cycle lanes.

The Main Street was upgraded during the year. While this was very disruptive it looks much better and has proper drains and underground cables which were badly needed.

Town Square
There is an attractive town square in the plan opposite the top of Sea Road. This will happen when that site is developed.

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