Increase in 84x busses Welcome

Dublin Bus has issued new timetables with effect from 27th May. The main change is that the 84 will now go to Blackrock instead of UCD. I asked them to increase the good and fast 84x service to provide a connection from Newcastle/Kilcoole to UCD and am pleased they have now provided 2 non rush hour services from Newcastle. Overall the number of busses from Newcastle will increase from 21 to 27 though some 84’s will terminate at Bray DART Station.

I am asking Dublin Bus to get the 84x to pick up passengers on its reverse journey as they seem to run most back empty which seems a waste. The weekend service also remains poor. The real time Bus information signs are due to be extended to the Greystones area but this seems delayed. I will be continue pushing for these as well as asking for signs at the Charlesland and Kilcoole bus stops as these heavily used ones were omitted from the plan.

In the long term I think that more fast busses should be provided along the M50 but so far I have not been able to get action on this.

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