Harbour. GUBOH’s Negativity Wrong as their members caused a 2 year delay

I have welcomed Sispar’s proposals to open up Greystones Harbour. However I am very critical of the self elected GUBOH’s negative attitude. It is deeply ironic that the harbour would be complete by now if most of their members had not objected to Bord Pleanala, delaying it by over 2 years. Those complaining of delay actually caused the delay!!

· They state that no date has been given for starting work yet we were all told that work has started as the decorative railings (in a special salt resistant metal) are currently being made. As each section is made it will be erected and the old hoarding removed.

· We would all like the work completed before September but there is quite a bit of work and the area must be safe before it is opened. GUBOH’s demand that it opens on the 1st August is dangerous.

GUBOH want the all the area North of the Health Centre opened to the public. My view is that to create a large grass area to the North, open to the public but hidden and unsupervised, invites teenage drinkers and litter throwers. This is the case in St. Crispin’s Cell which is a major problem for many Residents who complain to me.

· The hoardings around the Medical Centre site will remain which GUBOH are critical of. Sispar must be allowed to build this safely and quickly. The sooner it is built and the grass area to the South of it is open the better, GUBOH makes no sense. Hoardings in front of the Harbour Café will be redesigned to assist that business.

I asked Sispar to open the North Pier and this is not part of the proposals. I will be asking them to open it when the Medical Centre is complete. Other wise the plan is good and gives a good area for public access.

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