Harbour Developers intend to complete development

Sispar, who have developed Greystones Harbour, have written to the Town Council stating that they intend to complete the development. Other points in the letter include;

· Funding is expected soon for the Medical Centre which has been delayed, as have many throughout Ireland. A commitment is given to grass the area if it does not proceed soon.

· The hundreds of members of the local clubs that are now occupying their compounds will bring the harbour to life this Summer.

· Safety bollards have been placed to separate people and cars because of the large number of visitors.

· Other work is being done such as filling in the ‘borrow pit’, beach replenishment and the Harbour Master is supervising the area and carrying out normal repairs.

· The temporary fencing is of better quality than other organisation’s permanent fencing around the area.

· They are currently designing the marina.

Sispar accept that the North end of the site is not attractive but say it will be needed for future construction activity and work done would have to be redone. They hope to meet the Cliff Walk Management Committee and consider whether a practical and economic solution can be found. They also commit to reviewing the plan every year in the light of changing circumstances.

‘Previously the Council neglected the harbour for a century and the new harbour is great for the town. I am concerned that GUBOH and others continuously do down the project and thus the town. In these difficult times it is important to work with Sispar not to keep confronting them as GUBOH do. Cooperation is the way forward!!’

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