Greystones Harbour to be Opened by early September. Welcome

Sispar told a meeting of Town Councillors that they intend to open temporary facilities by the end of August. This will consist of:

· Taking down most hoardings and replacing with decorative railings thus opening up the views. The railings are already being made.
· Opening the harbour beach and 2nd public slipway which is a calmer one.
· Fencing the entire area to be given to clubs for boat parking, greatly improving facilities for Anglers, Rowers, Sea Scouts, Divers and Sailors.
· Car Parking and wide access to the new South Pier.
· Starting building the Primary Health Centre by September 2011 and completing within 12 months. This will allow part of the public square to be finished.
· Provide some moorings.
· If there is no development of homes in 18 months time they will landscape the Public Park to the North.

They will review demand for the marina and hope to put in temporary facilities at least during 2012.

These items implement most of my plan and I welcome the good news of both good facilities and starting the Health Centre this year. There will be further consultation with harbour users and residents next week. The plan will then be finalised and implemented.

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