Greystones Harbour Progress Welcomed

Press Release

Greystones harbour progress welcomed

Greystones Town Council was informed on Tuesday that construction of the Primary Care Centre, at the harbour, would begin in January 2013. It had been hoped that this would start at some earlier dates but it was delayed by there being so many parties to agree and funding issues. However the statement from Sispar has said these are now cleared. This is great news for health reasons but also because the building will give a finished appearance to the Public Square at the harbour.

Sispar also announced that they are at an advanced state of discussions with a marina operator with a view to opening a small marina for the 2013 sailing season. ‘I hope this is  successful as it will have a major benefit to boat users, to tourism, and to the sense of completion at the harbour.

The current public boat launching facilities at the harbour are the best in Ireland and 5 compounds have been given to Community Clubs (Sea Scouts, Rowers, Divers, Anglers and Sailors).


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