Greystones Harbour. GUBOH’s desire for more meetings will delay opening

I have seen GUBOH’s press release and am writing to correct some errors in it.

  1. Guboh state that there is no starting date for the works yet we were all told that work had started. Possibly Guboh misheard.
  2. I do not support the request to open it in August before it can be made safe. This approach would endanger the public.
  3. The hoardings at the North end are required to contain noise and dust from the extensive works on The Medical Centre and green area. These residents have complained about these issues. The hoardings here will be somewhat reduced now and more significantly reduced in 10 months.
  4. Guboh’s suggestion to open the area North of the Medical Centre will create a dark and unsupervised area for drinking teenagers, a current problem in other such locations in the town.

The new slipway is a great improvement on the old harbour and is heavily used. I look forward to the other facilities opening in September when there will be 2 public slipways, better than Dun Laoghaire a large State funded harbour.

My priority is to get as much as possible of the final scheme completed. The 20 or so community groups who have been consulted over some years were mostly very keen on Sispar’s proposals, many being excited to get good facilities.

I would be happy to meet with Guboh and explain some of the above facts in more detail and have suggested a time to meet. I do not support more meetings and delay but if there is to be another meeting then the 20 other community groups should be asked as they would be insulted if they were not invited.

Yours sincerely
Derek Mitchell

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