Greystones Harbour Changes approved by Bord Pleanala with changes

Sispar and Wicklow County Council applied, in 2010, to increase the number of houses and apartments by 32, to change some apartments to houses and change the car parking arrangements, increasing them to 1,002 of which 316 would be public. Following an objection this has now been approved subject to deleting a few apartments and providing underground parking instead of the extra surface parking.

‘I welcome the decision as it removes uncertainty and helps to move the project forward. However I do not expect construction of the residential area to start for a few years until the economy improves. The previously approved Primary Health Centre, let to the HSE and some Doctors, remains approved and it is hoped to start construction this September. Funding has virtually been secured for it’.

The Inspector recommended refusal of the changes but the Bord overruled their report and allowed the extra development because of the central location and proximity to the DART.

The reduction of surface parking will make the development more attractive but the underground parking will be more expensive to build, close to the water, which might delay the houses.

Much of the harbour is now open including the best public boat launching facilities in Ireland and compounds have been given to 5 Community organisations.This area is being heavily used including a regular Sunday morning art market starting last week. The area is currently being grassed and it is hoped to open the marina in 2013. The latter is held up by threatened legal action over a commercial matter.

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