Greystones DART to take 12% longer

GSDARTwait11-15The draft timetable for 2016 shows that while there are more trains to Bray, Greystones and South Wicklow get no extra trains and the time taken will be 12% longer! To get into work at 9 in Dublin people will have to leave on the 07.30 instead of the 08.00 now. It seems the NTA are trying to get people off trains and get more cars onto the overcrowded N11. I would urge all those affected to make a submission before the 8th December deadline, see the Irish Rail site.

The only change that I can see is that trains will take will take 12% longer (taking the average of the 7.30, 7.51 and 8.00) or 5.66 minutes. For something billed as an improvement this is terrible and I want a proper explanation why. People wanting to start work at 9 in town will now have to take the 7.30 instead of the 8.00 previously. There does not seem to be a single extra train.

I will be asking for:

· Another DART before 8.00 as there are 470 people boarding that train in Greystones. This can be sent down before peak hour and stay in the South siding as before.

· Another peak hour diesel as the 7.51 is standing room from Wicklow Town.

· The Saturday service needs to be increased to half hourly.

· More 84x’s.

· Removing the 20 mph speed limit at Glasthule as this delays trains.

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