Greystones Councillors meet Transport providers to demand better Public Transport

The recent transport changes have produced a slower DART and changes to buses. Councillors have produced a detailed list of short and long term measures to get people back onto Public Transport. On Monday Councillors met Irish Rail, Dublin Bus, T.Ds., and a representative of Shane Ross Minister for Transport and outlined the points.

The DART Manager, Chris Rafferty said that all Greystones rush hour DARTs would be at least 6 cars and most 8. There had been some 4 car ones earlier which led to overcrowding.

He is also to look to see how the service can be improved. Not much could be done currently about the diesels though they hoped to provide a shelter at Kilcoole Station. Also they hope to widen the doors at Greystones Station to reduce pedestrian congestion.

Councillors emphasised the need to cater for the schools. Dublin Bus felt they were now adequately catered for but wanted to know of specific problems which they would consider. They hope to improve the bus stop at Templecarrick School.

The NTA refused to attend but offered to meet in their premise. ‘Councillors agreed to this and hope to meet in a month with the NTA and the providers. This will allow them adequate time to consider the many points in detail. So far this has been a useful process’ said Cllr Derek Mitchell.

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