Greystones Council Supports N/M11 improvements

The National Roads authority is proposing to do limited work on the N11 around Bray to improve traffic flow and increase junction capacity. The part 8 is out to Public consultation until the 13th August. Councillor Kelleher brought this up at Greystones Town Council. The improvements consist of:

Putting traffic lights in place of the South junction and increasing the number of lanes increasing capacity by at least 10%.

Lengthening the on/off merge lanes allowing merging at higher speed, which should help, reduce the tailbacks which can stretch to Cherrywood.

Linking TV cameras to Central Traffic Control so that queues can be better handled.

When Cathaoirleach of the County Council I tried to get the NRA to do something about the queues and am glad they have finally listened and have produced a short term plan. A longer term plan is needed to eliminate these queues but this is a start.

Greystones Town Council is to write to the County Council supporting the measures which are important for all East Wicklow. The works are to be done in the County administered area and I am disappointed that Bray Town Council is opposing them.

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