Dublin Bus agrees to look at some service improvements

On Tuesday Dublin Bus met with Greystones Town Council and discussed the recent bus changes. They were pleased with the increased use of the 145 and 84X and Councillors reported few complaints in Greystones.

‘I said the 84x was a good service but asked them to try to provide a return service as the busses were running empty back to the depot. They agreed to consider this.

I also asked for a timetable for the introduction of Real Time information signs to Greystones and a commitment to provide them in Kilcoole and Charlesland as the latter places were excluded from the current plan. They said that extra signs are to be provided and hoped to ensure that these are placed in Kilcoole and Charlesland’.

Cllr Grainne McLoughlin said the 84 timetable was very complex to read as it was difficult to tell which bus was continuing to Greystones and which stopped in Bray. They agreed to try and simplify this.

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