Draft DART Timetable Changes

To: Public Consultation

TO: NTA/Irish Rail.


Draft DART Timetable Changes


I am making this submission to express my concern about the DART timetable changes for the Greystones and the Wicklow rail service. The draft timetable for 2016 shows that while there are more trains to Bray, Greystones and South Wicklow get no extra trains and the time taken will be 12% longer. To get into work at 9 in Dublin people will have to leave on the 07.30 ex Greystones instead of the 08.00 now. This timetable will promote people getting off trains and using their cars on the already overcrowded N11.

The 12% is derived from the average of the increased time of the 7.30, 7.51 and 8.00 to Pearse which is 5.7 minutes. For something billed as an improvement this is terrible and we request a reinstatement of the current journey time. There does not seem to be a single extra train.

We are asking for:

·       The previous journey times

·       Another DART before 8.00 as there are 470 people boarding that train in Greystones. This can be sent down before peak hour and stay in the South siding as before.

·       Another peak hour diesel as the 7.51 is standing room from Wicklow Town.

·       The Saturday service to be increased to half hourly.

·       More 84x’s.

·       Work to remove the 20 mph speed limit at Glasthule as this delays trains.

·       The Arklow current 7:00 a.m. arrives in Connolly at 8:46 a.m. and the revised timetable shows it leaving Arklow at 7:05 a.m. and arriving in Connolly at 8:59 a.m. So if passengers had to be in work for 9:00, they would have to take the 6:04 a.m. train that arrives at 8:04 a.m.



I spoke to Barry Kenny, PR Irish Rail, on East Coast Radio, who suggested that my figures were selective and that the 0800 would take 4 minutes less when it is listed at 4 minutes more. The busiest trains, listed above, take +7, +6, +4 minutes an average of 5.7 minutes which is 12% extra time. My figures are both correct and representative.

I will send my submission to the 2035 Strategy, which was endorsed by Wicklow County Council, in a following entry, this suggests a way to increase capacity around Bray Head with a limited signalling and track investment.

I would welcome speaking to someone with correct knowledge about the situation.



Derek Mitchell

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