Delgany N11 Junction10. Part must be kept open say Greystones Councillors

Councillor Derek Mitchell (FG), Greystones Municipal District, Member, Wicklow County Council,C/o Kiltoorish, Manor Avenue, Greystones, Co. Wicklow.

Phone/Fax 01-2874115(H), 087-2574969, 29th September, 2021.

At Tuesdays meeting of the Greystones Municipal District, Councillors agreed to my motion to write to Transport Ireland to ensure that the N11 Junction 10, Delgany, stays open at least in the North direction. Also to include a road from Newtown to Willow Grove and to get the National Transport Authority to prioritise Public Transport.  

 The 4 large towns in East Wicklow have 2 or 3 N11 junctions each. Arup’s Plan to keep only 1 junction for Delgany/Greystones will not work. The town has the least number of jobs of any town in Leinster, thus the most commuters, it is blindingly obvious that it needs the same number of exits as much smaller towns get. Adequate safety and movement can be obtained by keeping the North on & off ramps but replacing the 4 local access points with a local overbridge.

Closing the junction will force much more traffic onto local roads and onto the R761 over Windgates and the Bray Southern Cross Road all of which are overcrowded. At least 1,500 homes are being built in the area to add to the problem.

It is also surprising that the plan leaves the South East Rail line empty, having the least service of any line in the Greater Dublin Area, My 2018 plan proposed 3 peak hour services of 8 carriages, at limited cost, but is not included.

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