DART timetable mess reducing rail usage from Greystones

Chief  Executive

National Transport Authority.

Dear Sir/Madam,

DART timetable mess reducing rail usage from Greystones

The new timetable has increased the average scheduled journey time at rush hour to 61 mins. from Connolly (15% increase).  Some run late by 5 minutes, have  less carriages and now do not meet the unaltered bus connections from Kilcoole and Delgany. Many people are very frustrated and have transferred from rail to road. An urgent review is needed to get the DART & connections back on track.

DART performance. The previous scheduled time from Connolly to Greystones averaged 53m from 17.00 to 18.30. There were 3 DARTs (8 car) and 1 diesel (4 car). Now the average scheduled time is 61m with 2 DARTs and 2 diesels (4 car). The previous third DART now ends in Bray at 19.16.  A number of people have reported them arriving 5 mins late in the morning in Dublin and also the later return Arklow diesel. This is a huge increase in journey time and a reduction in capacity.

Bus connection. The 84/184/84x are used to connect to DART at Greystones from Newcastle, Kilcoole, Charlesland, Delgany & Newtown. Generally these have arrived in the morning before the DART left at 0 and 30 m past the hour. DARTs now leave at 24 & 54m past hour until the 10.04 when they switch to 4 & 34m past hour. Because the DARTs now leave earlier bus passengers miss them. Now many from Kilcoole etc. drive to the full Park n’ Ride and many drive all the way as the journey has got so slow, crowded and disjointed.

This has put pressure on the 84x as people transfer from rail and more should have been put on with the planned worse rail service. I complained to Irish Rail and got an unsatisfactory reply. A lot of new houses are being built here and this service reduction is the last thing that is needed.

Required Now.

·        Get DART on time & faster. Make Greystones ones 8 car at rush ‘hour’

·        Alter 84/184/84x in morning to meet altered train times.

·        Many more 84x and also run return ones later. Limit return stops so long distance people can get on. A particular issue getting from UCD. Takes 2+ hours with walking to DART. No wonder people drive.

·        8 car diesels as in my Rail Plan of February 2018. Complete study of more frequent DART to Greystones.

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