Council Takes in Charge Charlesland Spine road

Councillors voted to Take in Charge the Spine road in the centre of the Charlesland development now that the playground and pedestrian crossings have finally been completed. However Councillor Derek Mitchell proposed that the dual carriageway was not Taken in Charge until a plan to maintain it had been agreed. This was passed on an 11 to 10 vote.

‘This main approach road to Greystones has vegetation which will take some maintenance. Also the 6 roundabouts will become dangerous if the bushes are not trimmed as they will obscure approaching cars. There is no plan to maintain it’. ‘Fine Gael and all 4 local Councillors supported this but I was disappointed that Fianna Fail voted to Take it in Charge even though there is no maintenance plan’.

A large amount of money, probably €300,000 will be raised by the Household Charge on Charlesland homes and this and the Rates on the new factory on the road should be used to fund this maintenance.

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