Council asks for Changes to the Film Studio Site in Greystones.

The Media Campus has applied for permission to build a large, 73,000 sq.m, film studio on land is Greystones. The planners have asked for ‘further information’ effectively a request to redesign some non fundamental aspects:

Delgany Greenway. They have to redesign to allow this along the Three Trout Stream as the original plans did not. I asked for this condition and am pleased it has been put in.

More detailed aspects of 2 of the large buildings impact on nearby homes and possible amendments.

Additional planting to enhance and protect Biodiversity.

Redesign of the Mill Road entrance for pedestrian and cycling safety, also the bus stop there

A redesign of flood alleviation measures including a pipe going under Burnaby Park.

Irish Water want discussions about waste water treatment and water supply. I am surprised this has not happened and hope it will not be a problem. The site has been earmarked for development for 30 years so Irish Water should have had time to prepare!

This job creating plan is welcome and these changes will be an improvement.

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