Commercial Fishermen & Greystones Harbour. Meeting Notes. 18/7/19


North Pier. Access problems for commercial vehicles and 600 residents, and safety on pier. 12 residents have written complaining of danger and intimidation and want to be represented.

South pier. Enough space? Reconfigure boatyard? Need for subsidy to replace income, truck access through children launching? Alter pier? Might work.

Placing a pier/pontoon out from the narrow slipway in the public harbour.

On Thursday 18th July Councillors met fishermen and the marina operators, Sisk, Glenveagh, Council staff and Bord Iasce Mara.

2 representatives of Marina Village were waiting outside the meeting for admittance. A brief discussion at the meeting agreed not to ask them in because that was agreed before. It was agreed to ask a representative to the next meeting. The Chair Cllr Fortune had representations from a Wicklow fisherman.

Sisk had received insurance details from fishermen and queries are awaited from the insurance co.

Engineers had stated that option 3 would not work as the pontoon would not last.

Sisk, BJ meeting pontoon contractor with idea on 24th July. A fisherman could join them to see if idea feasible. (idea not detailed until feasible).

Fisherman wants to unload into fridge in huts and bring in vans to North Pier, extra work for fishermen. Glenveigh how cap at 3 boats, road access issues, pier width, pressure if fuel spill, definitely no access through building site re insurance issue. Do people want it to look like Dun Laoghaire pier.

Fishermen said in Jan, Feb, Mch, also in DL as safer. Summer fish shore areas of Greystones.

Next meeting Tuesday 3rd Septmeber. It was left a while so the mooring/unloading idea could be considered/formed and worked on.

Boat parks, clubhouses and good public launching facilities have been provided to the anglers, rowers, divers, sailors and Sea Scouts. Many hundreds of people who live in Greystones, who did not use it before, are now using the harbour and sea.  Hundreds also now have homes in the area and around 12 work within the harbour. There are also tourism jobs in the town due to it. These are at risk if industrial fishing is allowed.


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