Cllr Mitchell objects to Increased usage of Newcastle Airport.

Press Release

Newcastle Aerodrome should not be expanded without limits to noise

I have objected to Planning Permission to turn Agricultural Sheds into aircraft hangers as this will allow a major increase in noise and disturbance to residents. The Aerodrome has permission for use as a private one arising from use before it needed planning permission.

This use is not defined properly and attempts have been made to use it on a commercial basis without planning permission over the decades.

The proposal to allow aircraft hangers capable of storing many aircraft and a coffee shop for pilots is for use much more than as a private person’s aerodrome. It should not be allowed unless there are strict and enforceable limits on the volume and character of use of the aerodrome. This should include restrictions on normal flying times, approach from over the sea, volume of usage, noise level, etc. A particular problem has been the increasing use of helicopters which are noisy. Occasional air shows would not seem a problem provided it was not heavily used at other times.

As there are no restrictions proposed, extra hangers should not be allowed.


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