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Concern at clearance of Charlesland Land

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This scale of site clearance is normally only done when construction starts with planning permission which follows a detailed landscape plan. This clearance also goes down to the Three Trout Stream through the riparian area in at least 1 place. The Council Chief Executive states it is for 75 houses, as was outlined 5 years ago. Some people state it is for 270 houses. This is a major increase when the May 2022 Census showed the that the town was then already over its 2028 population target. Many more houses…

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Cairn permission for 294 homes in Charlesland

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Cairn has got permission for 124 houses and 170 apartments in Charlesland, 10% of which will be Social ones 2,700 sq. m of Community Enterprise Centre & offices are required to be built first. I asked Bord Pleanala to get this built first as developers only seem to want to build houses in Greystones. I wrote a paper in 2005 with the Chamber of Commerce about the need for this place for start up businesses and it was then incorporated into the zoning requirements. We need jobs so we don’t…

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Mitchell objects to even more houses before Enterprise Units in Greystones

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Cairn Homes has applied for planning permission for 192 houses in Charlesland. Councillors have zoned large amounts of land for employment but neither the IDA nor the Charlesland commercial site are being developed so there is nowhere for industry, small or large, to go. We need jobs to match the recent house expansion as we can’t all commute on the overcrowded N11 or DART. 10 years ago I wrote a paper with the Chamber of Commerce and on the need for a Community Enterprise Centre for start up businesses. These…

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Council Takes in Charge Charlesland Spine road

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  Councillors voted to Take in Charge the Spine road in the centre of the Charlesland development now that the playground and pedestrian crossings have finally been completed. However Councillor Derek Mitchell proposed that the dual carriageway was not Taken in Charge until a plan to maintain it had been agreed. This was passed on an 11 to 10 vote. ‘This main approach road to Greystones has vegetation which will take some maintenance. Also the 6 roundabouts will become dangerous if the bushes are not trimmed as they will obscure…

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Mitchell has asked Department of Education to buy Charlesland School Site

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Mitchell has asked Department of Education to buy Charlesland School Site   I have been concerned for some time that there might be a shortage of school places in Greystones. Two weeks ago I asked Senior Council Officials to persuade the Department to now buy the 5 acre site in Charlesland which is zoned for a primary school. This was zoned 5 years ago and is a great site as most children will be able to walk to it along the excellent foot and cycle paths in the area. The…

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Charlesland Bus Shelter arrives eventually

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Dublin Bus has eventually installed a bus shelter in Charlesland. Both the Town Council and myself have been pressing for one for well over 5 years. Charlesland, with 1550 homes, is the largest private estate in Ireland and has been occupied for 10 years. We need to encourage people to use public transport and there is something wrong with the system that this simple and inexpensive task takes so long. Charlesland is also not on the list to receive a real time bus information sign. Such a large estate should…

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Charlesland And Kilcoole left out of Bus Information System

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Bus information signs which give the time to arrival of the next 4 busses are to be live in a number of locations including 3 in Greystones and 7 in Bray and a number of more rural places. However Kilcoole and Charlesland have been left out in spite of my demanding signs earlier in the year. In the recent Census Kilcoole was one of the fastest growing towns in Ireland and Charlesland is the second largest private estate. They must have higher usage figures than many places allocated these signs….

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Charlesland and Kilcoole left out of new Bus Information System

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A new bus information system is currently being trialled in Dublin Centre. Once tested and live it will be spread out to the suburbs. However only 13 locations are being considered for North Wicklow, way below the percentage of population in the area. ‘We seem to get ignored in Regional Initiatives and it is essential that we get more of these displays’. These signs show the next 4 busses arriving at the bus stop and the time to arrival, similar to DART stations. They are useful especially further out where…

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Concern at Charlesland Pedestrian Lights not working

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Cllr Derek Mitchell expressed concern that the pedestrian lights beside the swimming pool have not been working for many months. This is a busy crossing and pedestrians are having trouble crossing the road safely. The problem is that the road has not been taken over by the Council and the developer is responsible even though Charlesland has been completed for five years. The Council is trying to take it over but is waiting for the lights to be fixed and surface water problems addressed. The Council will have a final…

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IDA to start work on Greystones Site but no provision for Charlesland School

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The IDA presented its plan for its 80 acre site to Greystones Town Council on Wednesday. They intend to develop the section next to Charlesland by putting in a road next January and seeking tenants. The next section they intend to sell off to a developer of Industrial sites and at Mill Road they want to rezone for Town Centre which would allow a Shopping Centre. The IDA has owned this site for 25 years and has done nothing with it except grow grass. There has been no political will…

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