Codling & Dublin Array Windfarms win auction. Concern Visual impact.

Thursdays announcement of this brings sustainable power closer and is welcome. However I am concerned that the 2 windfarms are planned to meet off Greystones giving a wall of turbines, taller than Bray Head, covering most of the sea horizon 10 to 12 km offshore. This is far more than any other place, 115 degrees arc of view. I want to see a gap of at least 30 degrees arc of view left between windfarms so each appears separate reducing the visual impact. For the last 3 years I have asked for this but their consultations have ignored this and all planning has ignored adjacent windfarms.

This scale of visual disruption would not be allowed elsewhere in Europe. Ideally they would be much further offshore but to do so would put this back 5 years when the sustainable power is needed. Thus I ask that this gap be left and the people of the area involved with Interpretive Centres, trips to see it under construction, trade, jobs etc.

Recently a windfarm extension off Brighton, UK, had to reduce its size because of excessive visual impact even though the impact is less than is planned off Greystones.

I have also asked them to open an Interpretive Centre, explanation boards in Kilcoole & Newcastle. They have not agreed to any of this.

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