Bus times to Dublin Airport from Greystones as long as from Belfast!

We need to encourage people to take Aircoach to Dublin Airport instead of the car. The TFI app shows that it takes 1hr 39 mins from Greystones. Also as it goes through very congested parts of Dublin so one has to allow extra time when catching a plane. The bus used to be much quicker & more reliable when it went across the Toll bridge directly to the Airport Tunnel. Many have transferred from the bus to the car because of this, the opposite of what needs to be achieved.

Dublin Port is consulting about a new bridge in the port. I have asked the Council & Greystones District to write to the NTA & Dublin Port saying we want the Aircoach to use the new bridge to speed up the journey so people revert to the bus.

It takes about 45 mins to drive the M50, most people are now doing this. The Belfast Aircoach takes 1hr 55 mins to Dublin Airport, almost the same duration as from the Dublin Metropolitan region! Belfast is a considerable distance outside the Greater Dublin Area.

Many transport professionals & politicians are saying people should use public transport to get to the Airport while presiding over a worse service. A way must be found to get buses from the N11 to the Airport Tunnel reliably. It was intended that the Southern Port Tunnel would have catered for this but this was cancelled by the Minister for Transport, Eamon Ryan, with no alternative put in place.

There are also many bus routes from Wicklow on the N11 that could use this route and also connect to the LUAS at The Point stop. Also the Aircoach needs to run hourly and all night as before.

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