Cairn seek permission to delete Community Centre in Archer Wood

Cairn are just finishing the 426 home Archers Wood at Priory Road in Delgany. The Planning permission provides a 325 sq m Community Centre building. Cairn have now applied for permission not to build it and to replace it with much cheaper Outdoor Gym equipment. I am objecting to this application, 23/131, as Community facilities are badly needed.

Most facilities are in the East whereas most recent development is in the West. In justifying Cairns proposal they list 8 Community Facilities as being adequate. None are in Delgany. 2 are in Kilcoole some distance away, most of the rest are close to the coast, most would be driven to as they are too far to walk. None are in Eden Gate or the 2 Glenherron Estates all of which are close to Archers Wood.

The Charlesland Community Centre is a good example and is used extensively for dancing, art, music training much of it for children. Other uses could be bridge, social, education, Scouts and much more.

The density of Archers Wood development is high and it includes many apartments. This Community Centre was used to justify the high density and should not be subsequently omitted. The submission deadline is 20th March.

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