New Housing Estates left without crèches

New housing estates have to have a certain number of crèche spaces depending on their size. However developers are leaving building them till last and house buyers have to go elsewhere to get a place which is awkward for them and adds to traffic congestion.

Glenheron in Greystones, built by Cairn, has been occupied for 5 years but the crèche has not been built, never mind opened. The children will be past the crèche stage by the time it is opened! This is not fair on parents who both have to work to pay the big mortgages to buy the houses.

It must be made a condition of planning that crèches are opened at the beginning of developments. This is a problem in many developments and I put down a motion for Greystones Municipal District which is now writing to the planners & the Minister for Housing to get this changed.

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