Wicklow leaves Local Property Tax the same as last year

Councillors voted 23 to 9 to leave the LPT the same as last year. This is to include funds of €208,000 for footpath repairs and Public Realm improvements for each Municipal District. This is a fair way, based on population, of splitting funding unlike the main budget where Greystones receives a very small share. This is funded by the 6%, over base rate of the LPT, the same as last year.

The average LPT is expected to decrease €5 to €360 next year. I am also asking that some funding for maintaining Dr. Ryan Park should be provided from this.

The Council is still not receiving the funding from the new houses, as due to calculations based on the 2014 population, €5m is given to Central Funding. These calculations are being revised for 2024 and it is hoped the Council will get the funding from the new houses so it can provide services to the increased population.

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