Greystones Street Cleaning machine unused for some years as no staff to use it!!.

The lack of staff to cope with the rapid growth was discussed at Tuesdays District Meeting.

‘This has resulted in a Street Cleaning machine remaining in the depot, unused for several years, because there are no staff to drive it even though management say we now have more drivers. That is ludicrous. Staff are less than half every other area all of which have a similar population.

Lots of maintenance work is not being done and there is a lack of engineering staff to cope with facilities needed to cope with the 1,000s of people coming to live in the town’.

The Census shows Greystones increased from 18 to 20% of the County’s population but funding remained stuck at 12%’.

Background information.

The preliminary Census results show Greystones Municipal District has increased population by 4,041 to 30,352, a 15% increase since 2016. Wicklow County has increased by 9%, the Greystones increase being 31% of the total, increasing This population growth was discussed at Tuesdays Municipal District meeting.

Census 2022 also shows the population of Greystones-Delgany 405 short of 2028 target of 21,727. At least 1,000 houses are being built now and I expect Greystones will overshoot its 2028 target by at least 2,000 people in 2023.

Cllr Derek Mitchell said ‘Greystones share of the County budget has remained at 12% for at least the last 5 years. It is by far the lowest spend of any area and it is not increasing with the population. Increasing population needs more resources.

The Outdoor Staff are less than half that of other areas. This is why Greystones Tidy Towns has had such difficulties in spite of a huge effort by them.

This rapid growth also needs many projects provided by the Council and not enough is being done to provide, roads, footpaths, arts & community facilities

I will not be voting for the Council Budget unless something is done to improve this’

·       Capital expenditure of every other area 4 or 5 times that of Greystones.

·       Development Levy spend is 15% of Total, whereas Development is 31% of Total. Council Management state there is no link between development levy spending and development.

·       Revenue spend way lower than all other areas. Spending remained at 12% of County even though population grown from 18 to 20% of County.

·       Local Property Tax paid in Greystones is the highest in Wicklow, services are the lowest.

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